This is why I am doing this photograph a day project.  To see what people leave, what people write, what people are saying, feeling, thinking about Kerouac and his writing.

Most of the images shown on this website are digital photos, taken with a Sony A6000.  Every day I shoot multiple images, with multiple cameras.  The A6000 gives me an exposure reading, gives quick digital images that I can easily post to the website.  I also shoot film with a Nikon F (35 mm) or Mamiya C300 (120 film).  This gives me a film backup image.

An Anniversary Speed Graphic from around 1945 is used for the final image.   Prints will be 4×5 contact prints on 8×10 Lupex silver gelatin paper.  Below is a scan of the 4×5 negative of a note left on the grave on April 19.

Click the image to see a large copy and read the note.


April 19.

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